Stella is a respected professional who has always been prompt to respond to our requests for support. She takes time to talk to the staff to understand the child as a whole and their difficulties. Stella is extremely efficient at writing reports that are detailed and include a range of strategies for staff to use. She is a personable specialist who listens to and works well with teachers and support staff of all skill levels and experience.

Thanks for your unwavering support.Deb Naffati – Head Teacher
New Invention Infant School

We have worked for a number of years with Stella at Little Bloxwich. She has always been very supportive and knowledgeable. She is able to challenge the staff’s thinking in a supportive manner which brings around positive outcomes for the children.

Stella is always quick to respond to calls and emails and understands the need to access support quickly.

Stella has a wealth of experience and practical suggestions for helping children achieve and change their behaviour.

She has carried out staff training for school staff, including lunchtime supervisors, which has proved very beneficial.

Stella is good humoured and this is always welcomed in school, as she understands the challenges that staff face.

Ellen Taylor – Head Teacher

Stella has supported staff during difficult times with children with extremely challenging behaviour. She has worked closely with the SENCO and has developed personalised development plans based on Boxhall Profile results and discussions with staff. She has observed many children and has offered advice and guidance. Stella has established good working relationships with staff. She has supported the school through a difficult exclusion. Stella is always available at the end of the phone if advice is needed. She identifies strengths in the school/classroom and offers the next steps, bolstering staff morale.

Stella is a very positive person who is always smiling and bubbly. She is a happy person. Children warm to her. She is efficient, sending reports quickly and always arrives on time/early.

Donna Harper – Head Teacher
Alumwell Infant School, Walsall