Courses – Testimonials

Memory, Metacognition and Cognitive Load – June 2020

‘Beccie provided a really wide range of examples from her owqn practice and that she has observed. This made the course so engaging and relevant.  A great course – thank you!’


SENDCo Innovation Day – September 2020

‘A really useful and concise course to start me on my SENCo journey. It was Inspiring – got me excited!’

‘A super course filled with great, appropriate information and supported well with super handouts. Great delivery!’

‘Really honest – a great look at SENCo life and workload. Lots of fab ideas and resources. ‘


De-escalation Techniques – September 2020

‘A super presentation, great examples and links made to secure my understanding. ‘


Teaching Early Reading – October 2020

‘A friendly presenter with incredible knowledge of the subject matter.’

‘Great engaging delivery with a really friendly presenter.’


Supporting Pupils with Attachment and Trauma Difficulties – October 2020

Stella provided relatable content for the classroom, she shares good practisce and provides support with experiences that are unique.’