Dyslexia Assessment

Dyslexia Assessment: £300 per pupil

Our dyslexia assessment places the pupil at the heart of the process in order to explore their learning strengths, interests and areas of difficulty. In order to gather evidence to support the identification of dyslexia we will complete the following activities:

  • Observation of the pupil in the classroom during a literacy based activity;
  • 1:1 work to complete a range of standardised assessments;
  • A pupil writing sample;
  • A detailed pupil history;
  • A review of the pupil’s learning and provision to date;
  • Pupil and family voice activities;
  • A discussion about the pupil’s needs with school staff;
  • A review of the pupil’s work books.

Once all information gathering activities are completed a detailed and personalised report is produced that explains the pupil’s needs, identifies dyslexia if appropriate and includes recommendations to support the pupil in making progress. Recommendations include quality first teaching strategies, intervention ideas, personalised approaches and resource suggestions. This is presented to school and, if required, parents/carers.

All pupil work as detailed above is carried out over one visit (lasting up to three hours). The report is completed and returned within a maximum of ten working school days.

Our dyslexia assessment can be purchased by all schools/settings. However, if your school/setting purchases regular school visits as part of a service level agreement time can be used from what you have already purchased to complete this work at no additional cost. Please discuss this with your school’s Cadmus Inclusive contact. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept purchases directly from parents/carers.